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Zodiac Bath Bombs

$11.00 USD
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Elevate your bathing ritual with our Zodiac Bath Bombs. Individually tailored to each astrological sign, these enchanting bath bombs are imbued with celestial ingredients, harmonizing with the essence of your unique constellation. Immerse yourself in a personalized journey of rejuvenation as the scents and properties of each Zodiac Bath Bomb embrace your spirit, revitalizing your mind, body, and soul

Aries: Harness the fiery energy of Carnelian with the essence of Apricots and Freesia.

Taurus: Embrace stability and grounding with Smokey Quartz, paired with the allure of Opium Type fragrance.

Gemini: Awaken your intellect and versatility with Sodalite, harmonized by the invigorating blend of Rosemary Mint.

Cancer: Dive into emotional depth and intuition with Rainbow Moonstone, embraced by Bamboo and Teak's tranquil aroma.

Leo: Shine with confidence and vitality under the protection of Grey Agate, amidst the enchanting bouquet of Summer Garden Herbs.

Virgo: Nurture your inner spirit with the purity of Amethyst, caressed by the delicate blend of Neroli and Shea Blossom.

Libra: Balance your soul and radiate harmony with Angel Aura, kissed by the tropical essence of Coconut.

Scorpio: Unleash your inner depths with Labradorite, enveloped in the seductive allure of Pomegranates and Apples.

Sagittarius: Embark on adventures and expand your horizons with Mookite, enveloped by the warmth of Saffron, Cedar, and Lavender.

Capricorn: Ground yourself in love and wisdom with Rose Quartz, amidst the earthy scents of Sage, Incense, and Lemongrass.

Aquarius: Connect with your inner visionary with Amazonite, surrounded by the crisp freshness of Agave.

Pisces: Dive into dreamy realms and intuition with Rainbow Fluorite, embraced by the refreshing zest of Yuzu.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Corn Starch (Zea Mays), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera Oil), Polysorbate 80, Fragrance (Paraben and Phthalates Free), Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, FD&C Water Soluble Color (this ingredient is not on the CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals), Mica (Ethically Sourced), and Biodegradable Glitter (Made from Cellulose Fibers)

Certificado vegano y libre de crueldad

Sin parabenos ni ftalatos.

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Zodiac Bath Bombs

$11.00 USD