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Introduction to the Seven Chakras

Introduction to the Seven Chakras | Crystal Bar Soap

The chakras have always been a very beautiful concept to me, and I consider myself very lucky that in my line of work I get to learn and explore energy for my creations. Over the last 6 years, my understanding of the 7 Chakras has grown so much, I am still not an expert in any way but I know I have a better connection to my energy than I ever have had in the past. Energy work was not something I learned growing up so when I first learned about chakras and connecting them within my body it kick-started my spiritual transformation. I think it is really important for all of us here to understand that we are all on our journeys and whatever level you find yourself at is ok. I hope over the next week we all can learn and share our knowledge and hopefully walk away with a better understanding of the chakras.  

We are starting the week by going over the basics, if you already know this information please feel free to move over to the Root Chakra post, and if this is all new to you please leave any questions you may have in the comments and we will make sure to answer them over this week! So let us dive in, 

What are the 7 Chakras?

The 7 chakras are the home to 7different types of energy within our bodies. I use to believe I needed all to be “aligned” to be connected to my spirituality but over time I find myself simply recognizing when one feels blocked and activating working to open it so that energy can flow freely within my body.

Knowing where each of these chakras lay within your body is key to understanding why you feel energy blockages and how to unblock them to allow energy to flow freely. 

  • CrownBeyond the Elements – located at the top of your head
  • Third EyeAll Elements Combined – located between and slightly above your eyes on your forehead
  • ThroatEther – located at the base of your throat
  • Heart – Air Element – located in the center of your chest
  • Solar Plexus – Fire Element – located just above your belly button
  • Sacral  – Water Element – over the sacrum
  • Root  – Earth Element – located at the base of your spine 

Now that we know the 7 chakras let's get into the fun part. I am sure you have heard you need to "opened and balanced your chakras". With each chakra, since it is a source of energy you can open your chakra to move energy freely throughout, activate the higher and lower energy within that chakra, and you balance it to be open yet neutral within your body. 

How do the Chakra's effect us?

Up until this point we have spoken about the 7 chakras as spiritual energy fields but it is important to know that an unbalanced chakra can have actual impacts on your physical health. 

If your chakras are imbalanced you can get physical and emotional signs that warn you something is wrong. 

Lets create a scenario using the chakra throat:

Tonight you have to go to a social gathering and in an ideal world your throat chakra will be open and allow you to speak freely, yet the days leading up to this event you start getting nervous talking with others. You find yourself afraid to speak up in situations, and find it difficult to express emotions, your anxiety leading up to this event is increasing etc. It feels like a fire is lit within your throat and if you do not unblock this energy it can cause physical affects on your body. These are all signs that your throat chakra is "blocked". The throat chakra allows one to speak freely, so when you start to see these signs its clear that there is a blockage.

Things like scent, crystals and for the throat chakra singing helps me unblock clogged energy in my throat. 

Understanding where these sources of energy lay within us and learning what tools work for you to activate and unblock them will help you moving forward in your life. The more you understand will allow you apply that knowledge whenever you feel blockages.

In the next post we will begin to dive deeper into each chakra and understand what a strong or unbalanced chakra looks like. 


Tay Ashcraft

I love how you broke down this chakra information! Such a great post


Thank you for this, Kat! Still learning about my chakras too and hoping to snag a few from this collection. You pour your heart and soul into everything and it truly shows!


You did an AMAZING job explaining all of this!! I love the examples you’ve given as well!! Will you soap/bombs help unblock them?

Hilary D.

This is great! I’m really looking forward to learning more in a way that I can actually understand and a way that will help me to feel more connected to my body and chakras. Thank you for this!

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