Root Chakra

Written By Katrina Wright - June 03 2018


Julia Perry-Sullivan
June 03 2018

What a wonderful share. Thanks so much, Kat. I have been wanting to try this set. I love the way this particular soaps sounds. I wanted to share something with you- the picture/graphic of the pelvis you shared is beautiful :-) There is a woman who makes the most gorgeous sterling silver pelvis necklaces ever! Allison Sattinger. sunnyrisingleather Your picture made me think of it. Thank you for all the goodness you share. I appreciate you :-) Have a great week-

June 03 2018

Once I finally got the red jasper from my soap, I was so happy that I carried it with my everywhere. It made me feel so grounded and ready for anything. I recently lost it today, I’m pretty sad :(

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