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Realm of Language (Gemini Moon) - 3 oz Crystal Infused Bar Soap

Realm of Language (Gemini Moon) - 3 oz Crystal Infused Bar Soap

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For a Gemini ruled by the moon, they crave communication and imaginative realms. This means that they frequently engage in conversations and constantly strike up new conversations that fuse the very different elements of the heart and the mindūü§ć To strike a balance, the¬†Gemini Moon can make room for periods of self-reflection, which will in turn positively impact¬†the fulfillment they receive when surrounding themselves with others!¬†


Embedded with the energy of Opalite, which is also known as the "Stone of Eternity." It is said to bring forth the understanding of the true self and what our true paths may be no matter how far we've deviated. Opalite encourages exploration of the self and encourages you not to give up or limit yourself when it comes to your dreams. Through this stone, you are able to explore limitless possibilities and reach unimaginable goals you hold for yourself. It is said that this stone can induce visions and daydreams, and uncover buried lessons we may have not paid attention to or potentially forgotten.


Infused with a groovy blend that smells like clean sheets and burning incense. The perfect blend to set the mood to chill in bed with your closest friends and talk for hours. Use this soap before your next sleepover to help keep the converstation flowing all night. 

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