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Poppin Bubbles - 5oz Crystal Bath Salt

Poppin Bubbles - 5oz Crystal Bath Salt

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Time to cheer to you up with this age-old practice of salt cleansing to restore your mind and body. Infused with Rutilated Quartz to help us go deep within our own psyche to gain clarity on the duality of the universe.  This powerful variation of Quartz helps keep it all in perspective and allows you to see your growth.


Infused with cocoa butter popping candy, this bath salt will add some poppin bubbles to your bathtub. Scented in a fruity, sweet, peach sparkling spritzer. Notes of Bubbly champagne, sparkling berries, and juicy peaches.


Epsom Salt* (Natural USP Magnesium Sulfate), Himalayan Pink Salt* (Sodium Chloride), Coconut Milk Powder* (Cocos Nucifera Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, Sodium Caseinate), FD&C Water Soluble Color, Essential Oil*

*Natural Ingredients

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How Much To USe

We recommend using an amount of salt that correlates with your body weight. 

Children under 60 lbs: ½ cup

Individuals between 60-100 lbs: 1 cup

Individuals between 100-150 lbs: 1½ cups

Individuals between 150-200 lbs: 2 cups

For every 50lbs more – add an additional ½ cup of salts.

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