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Magic Dust

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"I am the Great Innovator and reflect the proving talents and skills to others and the learning of new knowledge for oneself"

Enhanced with an embedded Clear Quartz stone, known as the "Master Healer" which is exactly why we paired it with the Magician. Clear Quartz amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it, and continues to broadcast that energy throughout your space. Clear Quartz accelerates spiritual growth and helps manifest your goals. The Magician understands the laws of the Universe, such as, energy cannot be created or destroyed, thus can only be transformed. He knows how to harness his power and is a master of alchemy. As a result, he can turn a piece of coal into a diamond because he understands his ability and power. Thus, The Magician has rightfully earned the infinity sign that is above his head in The Rider-Waite Smith and many other decks. The Magician and Clear Quartz are very similar in their powers. Welcome this bar into your life and it allow it to manifest your goals. 

This bar is unscented to allow the magic to manifest without the distraction of aromatherapy. 



Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerine, Purified Water, Sodium, Oat protein,  Mica, and Biodegradable Glitter. (Click to Learn More about Each Ingredient)

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