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I like who I like - 3 oz Crystal Infused Pansexual Pride Flag Bar Soap

I like who I like - 3 oz Crystal Infused Pansexual Pride Flag Bar Soap

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The three colors in the pansexual flag represent three different gender groups a pansexual individual is attracted to. The pink stripe represents those who identify as female, the blue stripe represents those who identify as male, and the yellow stripe stands for all of the people who identify somewhere along or beyond the gender spectrum.

Suppose a person identifies as pansexual. This person may be interested in men or women, as well as nonbinary people, transgender people, intersex individuals, gender nonconforming (GNC) folks, or anyone else.


Serpentine has a powerful healing energy that works to create an energetic and protective shield around the body. Serpentine has an exceptionally soothing energy. It gently helps us release fear, particularly of change and the unknown, so we can hope for the future. Serpentine also reveals how we can honor our own needs and desires without feeling guilty. Serpentine encourages us to explore and develop healthy personal boundaries. You will develop personal strength and a sense of inner peace because you are untouchable by negative energy.


A warm mix of tobacco, smoke, grapefruit, and thyme creates a sweet and smokey aroma. 

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