Love Conquers All

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Love Conquers All is enchanted with the energy of Pink Aventurine, which is a stone of manifestation through action, and helps amplify the desire to take on life’s challenges with determination and perseverance in the pursuit of love. It inspires creativity and sexuality, and renews excitement and confidence in bringing one’s projects, goals and desires into reality. It allows one to overcome ego when it prevents better judgment, and lends assurance to those who fear commitment to choose a path and follow it through. Use this stone in your pursuit to find love, whether it's within yourself or with a partner. While washing, hold the soap/stone and move your mind into a place of receiving love from yourself and others. 

We paired it with a sensual blend of Bergamot, Blackberry, Raspberry, Pink Peony, and Violet Leaf that create a sweet aroma perfect for a goddess in her search for love. 


The Story of Psyche and Cupid. 

"Love Conquers All" is about the love story of Psyche & Cupid love. Psyche is a princess so beautiful and lovely that people begin worshiping her rather than the goddess Venus (Aphrodite in Greek mythology).  In jealousy and rage, Venus persuades her son, the infant god Cupid, to make Psyche fall in love with a monster, but instead he falls in love with her himself. Psyche goes to a mountain top and is taken by the winds of the west to a gorgeous palace, ministered to by unseen servants in the daytime and joined by an unseen bridegroom in the nights. Against her lover's wishes, she invites her plainer sisters to the palace, where their envy is excited, and they convince her that her unseen bridegroom is truly a serpent who she must kill before he eats her.

Thus, Psyche disobeys her lovers orders not to attempt to look at him, and in doing so she loses him. In her search for him, she undertakes a series of cruel and difficult tasks set by Venus in the hope of winning him back.

The first three are taken care of—with the help of agents—but the fourth task is to go into the underworld and ask Proserpina for a portion of her beauty. 

Assisted by other agents again, she achieves the fourth task, but returning from the underworld she is overcome by a fatal curiosity and peeks into the chest reserved for Venus. She suddenly falls unconscious, as Venus tricked her knowing she would not be able to resit the temptation of beauty. Cupid becomes upset and can no longer bear to witness her suffering and pleads their cause to the gods. The gods reply and Psyche turns into an immortal, the lovers are married in heaven and the birth of their child "Pleasure" (or Hedone) seals the bond.

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