Himalayan Salt Candle Holder

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These natural harvested Himalayan Salt Candle Holders/Plant holders are an essential piece to add to any home. Not only do they create a warm natural glow when lit but they have incredible health benefits to your body. It is nature’s gift to mankind and helps in alleviating a number of health-related issues, add this to your self care routine to improve your energy, the air around you and remove positive ions in your home. When the candle is lit, the magic begins!

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps/Candle Holders;

1. Cleanse the Air: 

The magical salt candle holders attract moisture from the air and trap it inside them. Along with the moisture, all the air pollutants, dust, and dander are also trapped inside the candleholders. When the candle holder is lit, the moisture gets evaporated leaving the pollutants trapped inside the lamp. This is how the air is cleansed.

2. Balances the Positive Ions:

We are exposed to excessive positive ions on a daily basis; thanks to the many electronic gadgets. It is not possible to keep yourself safe from these positive ions. When the salt candle holder is lit, it releases negative ions. These ions bind with the positive ions in the environment and cancel their effect.

3. Improve Sleep:

The crystal rock salt candle holders emit soothing glow and alleviate stress-causing elements. This promises a good night’s sleep with a peaceful mind.

Each Himalayan Salt Candle Holder is totally unique in both shape, color and size. No two are exactly the same. They average 8-10cm in height and 6.5-8cm in width approximately. 

Please note: Himalayan salt candle holders are designed to be used with tea light candles only. Candle holders may become hot during use. Burn on a heatproof surface. Burn away from flammable materials. Do not burn unattended or within reach of children.

Warning: Himalayan salt is very sensitive to moisture and should be kept in a dry place. Salt draws water from the surrounding atmosphere. Salt products should never be kept in a humid environment or placed outdoors. If you keep your salt item on a wooden surface, please make sure that it has a waterproof base so that furniture does not become damaged.

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