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Sacred Bloom

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Strongly linked with the Heart Chakra, Emerald is said to aid communication, peace, harmony, and bonding with others. This is a beautiful stone to use in meditation that will assist in clarity of thought. It is also believed the stone will provide assistance with wealth creation and it is used extensively in crystal healing and medicine bags.

In tumble stone form Emerald is widely known for its ability to restore self-esteem. It’s a handy stone to have around at the workplace and if held for just a few minutes each day will help with memory and mental clarity. Keep Emerald with you to develop a strong and open heart and mind.

Product Details

  • Infused with Emerald 
  • Scented in a floral bouquet of rosewater, lily, and jasmine is lifted with the smell of green clover and fresh-cut stems. The air fills with the odor of orange and lemon from the citrus trees nearby while whispers of sweet basil and herbal rosemary from the outdoor garden linger.
  • 7 oz

Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free

Paraben and Phthalate Free

Sacred Bloom

$20.00 USD Regular price $30.00 USD