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Cup of Destiny

Inspired by Tasseology (Tea Leaf Reading) which is a form of Divination used to predict the future by interpreting the patterns of tea leaves in a cup. The tea leaves leave a residue on the bottom of the cup which forms different shapes or symbols, all with a different meaning and many ways to interpret it.


Allow yourself to be swept up in the wave of Ocean Jasper as it reminds you to be physically and spiritually present in your surroundings. Truly soak up the beauty of the world around you and all that it has to offer. Ocean Jasper helps to ground us in the here and now. Ideal for a Tea Reading, it allows you to soak at the moment, and after the reading, work supports you through during periods of change. It helps us to understand that the places we've been and things we miss are not a distant part of what once was - but instead an intrinsic part of who we are.


Ground yourself in a freshly brewed batch of earthy rosemary and minty green tea, this blend is refreshing and clean. Pay close attention to the formation of the leaves as each cup predicts a different future. 



Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerine, Purified Water, Sodium, Oat protein, Essential Oil, Mica, Tea Leaves and Biodegradable Glitter.

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