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Couldn't Be Saved (Piceses)

Pisces' biggest fear is manifested as a zombie apocalyptic world. For this water sign dreamer they love being in their feels and their imagination is always already, but dreaming needs to take place in a safe space. So having zombies crawling around you would be a nightmare scenario. Perhaps even more terrifying than the events of the apocalypse is that in these nightmares, Pisces is unable to save the ones they love. That’s a hard pill to swallow.


Rainbow Fluorite cleanses and stabilizes the aura. It absorbs negative energy and stress. An excellent learning aid,but particularly focuses on the third eye, enhances our power of intuition and decision-making when we need to make plans which boosts our confidence as leaders. Rainbow Fluorite helps the subconscious and the conscious mind bridge and emerge as a new system of thought! By cleansing away unfounded worries, fluorite makes space for positivity to flow in.  It reemphasizes our individual uniqueness by tracing our history since the dawn of time.


Paired with thundery bergamot, freesia and wet overgrown moss, this blend is sure to have you diving into the deepest depths!



UPS Pure Sodium Bicarbonate, Non-GMO, UPS Citric Acid, Natural USP Magnesium Sulfate, Organic Coconut Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Coconut Milk, Polysorbate 80, Fragrance, Water Soluble Pigment, Bio-Degradable Glitter 

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