2020 Vision

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Ready to have the universe predict your future? Our mystery bath bombs feature a tumbled color synthetic Cat's Eye crystal and a mystery color reveal as you use it. 

Each color/scent combination has a different meaning so drop your bath bomb into the tub and come back here to read about the energy you are soaking in. 


White/Silver (Ylang Ylang) 

The Imaginative -  “Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will take you everywhere”. No one else could’ve said it better than the genius Albert Einstein himself. Imagination is what sets us apart and why we are where we are today. The ability to curve away a little from the mundanity of life, think outside the box and build an entire new universe in your mind is indicative of a great imagination. 2020 holds a year of creative ideas, traveling and having fun. 

Pink (Cherry Blossom)

The Fairytale - They say ignorance is bliss but whats wrong with bliss? I am personally guilty of this which might be why my favorite color is pink but some times I just can't handle the negative elements of the world and I choose to protect my energy. This might not make me a model active citizen but I do live in bliss and happiness and I feel I can spread my joy to others making the world better. 2020 just might be the year your look away and focus on the good. 

Purple (Rose and Anise)

The Spirit - If you are soaking in a tub of purple then allow this to mark the start of a mega spiritual shift in your life. 2020 with allow you to use your intention and discover a new path for you. My personal advice is to really tune into your body your body knows what it wants and needs. Let go of what you have been told on how ot live your life and start looking within for those answers. If something doesn't feel right it might not be for you. trust yourself.

Orange (Blood Orange)

The Socialization - Get ready to grow and expand into your community this year. After a decade of social media it's time to shift into our communities and connect with those around us. Orange represents a need for respect and acceptance within a group setting, but also a need for personal physical or social challenges within your life. Get ready to make some new friends and grow a lot this year!

Yellow (Apricot)

The Optimistic  - 2020 is your pursuit of Happiness. How do you see happiness? What makes you happy? If you want to attract happiness, you’ve got to learn how to give happiness too. You don’t need grand gestures to help you express your feelings for someone, it’s the small ones that count. Go make someone happy today!

Green (Apple)

The Lover - Love is on the horizon for you, 2020 may bring you the love of your life or a deeper connection with your current partner or 2020 might be a year for you to love yourself and give love back to others. Love feels good. It feels good to receive and it feels good to give. Love a little more of everything this year. 

Blue (Cucumber)

The Peacemaker - If you get blue than use this very moment to release all the negative energy from your past. Blue is the sign that it is time to move on and make peace so you can start your year in harmony! Think of all the pain, and while you soak, release.. release it all out of your body, into the water and down the drain. 2020 is a fresh start for you. Use this time to find the good that came from any negativity experiences and move on. 


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