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We are looking for a few amazing humans to join our TRIBE here in Los Angeles!

WHY? - Our team is growing and its time to add some very special people to our team! We are currently a small business run by two and we need to to expand and keep up with the businesses needs! We are looking for someone interested in helping us keep up with demand, coming up with new and exciting ideas, and working along side the owners of a company as we continue to grow.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please feel free to contact us at!






 company name/city: Crystal Bar Soap | Los Angeles 

job title: Entry-level Assistant/Manager

tasks include: We are looking for a very special human to join our team, after a ton of ups and downs, we have learned that we need somebody that embodies what Crystal Bar is as a brand, but also has experience in management, creative, and communication roles as well. (In total honestly we just need someone to help make the business better, while also helping us become better people at the same time) 

more details: You will be working side by side with the owner of the business to work on how to make every day better! Help us create and meet deadlines, work to come up with creative solutions to problems, communicate directly with our customers, and offer input of your own. Essentially, just be an extra hand in the daily operations of Crystal Bar. 

contact: Please send your resume to with “Assistant” in the subject line.

company name/city: Crystal Bar Soap | Los Angeles

job title: Customer Service 

tasks include: Connecting and helping our customers through email and social media DMs - usually basic FAQ questions about products and shipping through the website. Emails and orders usually go hand and hand so you will also learn how to fulfill and ship orders. Create new connections and building new ones through our wholesale program - helping set up new accounts through our site and assisting in any questions or issues that arise.  Be creative, entrepreneurial and accountable; receive and utilize feedback. Have fun and take pride in connecting with our tribe! 

more detailsThis job is located in our studio space in North Hollywood, CA (Los Angeles). You will work primarily with our email organization program HelpScout and the backend of Shopify! Being human is key, if I wanted us to sound like robots I would hire one! Human to human connect is so important to me and how I view our roles on this planet. Must be available to work a few hours a week to respond to messages. Will work along side the owner of the business.

contact: Please send your resume to with “Customer Service” in the subject line.

name/city: Crystal Bar Soap | Los Angeles 

job title: Production Assistant 

tasks include: All Crystal Bar Soaps are currently made in house, we are looking for someone to join our team to help in the manufacturing of our bars. This job is located in our studio space in North Hollywood, CA (Los Angeles). The job requires you to learn the recipes of each soap, pour and scent soap, wrap and label bars, and help in the daily housekeeping and equipment cleaning duties in the warehouse. 

more details: You will be trained in all areas of productions and will need to be able to work alone and along side others. As the business grows, being able to adapt to the different manufacturing needs will be important. The ideal candidate will be confident with basic mathematics, able to do light physical work for 8 hour shifts, be able to lift 50 pounds, maintain a positive attitude, and be reliable. 

contact: Please send your resume to with “Production” in the subject line.



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