~ now offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders to the USA ~


Is there a crystal in the soap? 
yes. not only do we hand cut each soap to look like a crystal but we embedded them inside the soap too. when you are done with your bar you are left with a beautiful tumbled stone to add to your collection. 
Is there a crystal in the bath bombs? 
yes. we love adding crystals to our body products! nothing is better then soaking in a hot bath with a few crystals to make you feel renewed and relaxed!
plus our crystal bath bombs are perfect for those that don't want to wait a few months for their crystal.
Why is the cost of shipping so high? 
this is a very important question, as consumers we are use to only paying the cost to receive the product and often forget about what it takes to arrive to our door-step. (what a luxury) When you pay shipping, lets say in Canada for example, it is a flat rate across the nation, so whether I am shipping within my city or to the furthest part of P.E.I it is the same price! (YAY for equality) the price will change depending on how much you are getting thou.
Second we add on a extra dollar which covers the cost of the box, the bubble wrap, the paper to print the shipping label, the ink, and the tape to bring everything together. 
Lastly, this is the price Canada Post has valued their service which includes transportation, handling and organizing at the office, and lets not forget the mail person who will deliver it directly to your door. I am not planning to change the cost of shipping anytime in the near future or switch carriers, I love supporting Canadian jobs and I also think about the mom or dad that works everyday to provide for their family and how spending a little more is most likely feeding a child or providing a better eduction. 
We are so blessed as a society and are so use to being able to buy a $5 shirt that we often forget why the cost is so cheap. At Crystal Bar, we ensure that we are using quality products at fair wages and this belief is not sacrificed when it comes time to deliver your order. 
My package hasn't arrived yet, what do I do? 
We are currently shipping out orders 2 times a week and will need 3-5 grace period incase a product runs out. If you have received an email confirming your items have been shipped most orders take 6-10 business days to arrive unless alternative shipping options were selected. Note to USA customers; unfortunately there is no tracking with basic shipping. If the package takes longer then 15 business days to arrive please email us. 
Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We are working towards having our bars all over the world, but for those places that don't have crystal bar products around, you can order from the website. The site currently doesn't change currency automatically but we are working on adding that in. Places we usually ship to like the USA, UK and Australia have shipping calculated already so if you live outside of those areas feel free to email us first at hello@crystalbarsoap.com and we can calculate shipping exactly to your region. 
After the crystal is out, what do I do?
For first time crystal users, I think the best advice I can give is to listen to your intuition and keep an open mind. I think it is a different journey for everyone so everyone will go through different stages, I would suggest doing research on your own and find what feels right for you.
You are going to want to find crystals that speak to you and find your way of charging and cleansing them. Some crystals work best with different methods but don't get discouraged; the journey to spiritual healing isn't a straight road but you are here and that is the most important thing! I prefer sun charging most of my stones but some are best left for the moon such as amethyst! I have been recently playing with salt water to cleanse my stones (only for those that can handle the salt) but smudge is a great option too! 
Again, the most important thing to understand is that this is a journey of self, not a race. Take your time and find what works best for you; take from others routines and apply to yourself, there is no wrong or right way to use crystals. The spiritual healing and empowerment that you feel is all that matters, use crystals in the way that works best for you and your intentions.