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Essential Chakra Set

"The chakra is a doorway, these are the doorways that lead you into other dimensions."


We carefully crafted seven unique soaps to connect with each of the 7 chakras within your body. There are no instructions on how to use this set and we highly suggest listening to your body's intuition and trusting the process. 

Some free the need to slowly work through each chakra in order from root to crown while others are more drawn to different chakras at different times for different reasons. Whatever you feel is right for you is what we want you to do. 

The chakras are essential energy sources in our bodies and taking time to understand what powers each one and what it feels like when you have a blockage is the beauty of this work. The more time we spend connecting with each chakra the more powerful we become in connecting with our intuition. 

This set is an offering to allow you to begin this work... we are honor to create this set for you and want to help all in their spiritual journey. Please reach out if any questions come up while doing this work. We would love to be here to support you in your work


Each soap has a unique blend to truly connect with your chakras, scent is one of the most powerful of our five senses. Each soap is united as a full experience, the crystal, color, and scent equally work together to help you connect with the energy of each chakra. 


You will receive a box of 7 chakra soaps, each weighing approximately 3 oz each.