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Drifting Away

As a spirit animal, the turtle teaches us to take things slowly and not to rush it. We should prefer slower and steady growth instead of rapid rises that come with ups and downs. 


Strongly aligned with the vibrations of magic and perception - It is called "the stone of magic" and is a common tool among mystics. Labradorite is a change-maker crystal and will illuminate the path to your destiny. It is can helps you tap into a higher state of consciousness and can supercharge your intuition. If one has undeveloped magic or psychic abilities, labradorite can help to harness them. These qualities make the stone ideal for finding the hidden meaning and divine guidance behind the synchronicities we experience in life. The connection that Labradorite has to the spiritual world makes it a wonderful stone to use for dream recall.


Inspired by a tropical retreat our aroma blend with help you enjoy moments of total relaxation. We infused freshly steeped green tea with refreshing cool cucumber water for a spa-like experience every time you wash.


Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerine, Purified Water, Sodium, Oat protein, Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil, Mica, Poppy Seeds, and Apricot Seeds. (Click to Learn More about Each Ingredient)

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