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Much like its name, this stone is closely tied to the moon and intuition. It is a strong feminine stone - arguably the femininity stone - and great for calming our emotions. It is a stone of initiations, promoting new beginnings with the power to reflect on past experiences. And with its strong feminine nature, it's great for men to carry if they want to get more in touch with their "feminine" side, be that their emotions and feelings. If you're having problems with your reproductive system, maybe an erratic menstrual cycle or difficulty conceiving, Moonstone is a very helpful stone to rebalance you. If you've lost the lustre or motivation to do the things that make you feel your most feminine, seek out this stone to reinvigorate that side of yourself. If you've become too blocked, holding in a lot of your feelings, this crystal can really do wonders to help get you back on track and feeling your best. And since it is so soothing and calming, it is another good stone to use with overactive children. PS: Good things happen when you pair this gal with the masculine energies of sunstone.



Chakras: Third Eye, Solar Chakras

Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio and Libra

Planet: Moon

Element: Water



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Joyce Lamoureux
Joyce Lamoureux

marzo 12, 2021

This is Absolutely Fantastic!!!
Thankyou so much for this Beautiful Crystal Encyclopedia!
Love having the information at my fingertips! ❤️

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