Larimar: Spiritual Meaning & Healing Properties

Larimar: Spiritual Meaning & Healing Properties


Emerging from lava where the sea meets the shore, Larimar embodies a harmonious energetic balance of fire and water. Deepening relaxation, its calming vibration will drift you away into the depths of a peaceful meditation. Larimar is a perfect tool for anyone who finds themselves struggling with controlling emotions and communicating how we truly feel within. This stone activates and unlocks our throat chakra and forces one to open themselves up to the loved ones around us and discuss the issues one may be dealing with. This mineral will help keep your mind in a calm state and allow for true emotions from the heart to surface. When one is able to talk through difficulties that they’re facing, one will soon realize there is a solution. Simply letting yourself hear what you have to say will help you better understand yourself and your needs.


The best quality Larimar has a dark blue color with white cloud-like swirls although sky blue coloring can be equally as beautiful and desired. This stunning gemstone really does look like a summer’s sky dappled with wispy cirrus cloud formations. 


Chakras: Throat

Zodiac: Leo

Planet: Mercury and Neptune

Element: Fire and Water

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