Wild Harvest Botanical – Makers Supporting Makers

Wild Harvest Botanical – Makers Supporting Makers

Our next spotlight is from our hometown of Calgary, Ab, I think I might have a little soft spot from anything made in YYC because that town is just filled with magical people. This ceramic incense holder is from Wild Harvest Botanical and is simple yet stunning. Carmen Zvonik creates each piece herself, and her intention with each creation is to enrich more nature and self-healing into your everyday space.

I personally do not think there is enough appreciation in this world for simplicity, I find my happiness increases significantly when I can be in a minimalist space design with human interaction in mind. I refer to “The Human Element” a lot in my day to day life, and what it means is designing or creating with the understanding of how people will interact with it. Its really easy to design something beautiful, but designing something beautiful and works in your daily life is hard.

What I love about Wild Harvest Botanical is you can have an almost empty room but add her creations and quickly enhance the space. Whether the incense holder has incense burning or the piece is always beautiful. This is something that I always look for when adding items to my space.

Her shop features a collection of things that add a sense of peace, nature and healing to your space including incense holders, essential oils, jewelry holders and palo santo packs! Almost anything from this creator is bound to enhance your space, take a moment out of your day and check out her amazing shop.

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