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Virgo Full Moon Bath Ritual

Virgo Full Moon Bath Ritual
Virgo Full Moon Bath
I love the Virgo Full Moon during Pisces Season, Virgo's ultimate journey is on of spiritual discovery and Pisces is the perfect sign to invite us into the depths of the spiritual world. This Full Moon bath is the perfect time to play with the balance of the physical and spiritual world.
For this Full Moon combine earth and spiritual tools to help balance the energy of Virgo and Pisces.
Amethyst is the perfect crystal for this ritual
Add soaking salt to your tub
Light White Candles
Add Herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, and Parsley)
(witch tip: if you don't like herbs in your tub, brew them as tea and pour the water into your tub to soak in the energy of the plants)
Draw yourself a warm bath. Add your salts or bath bombs. Breathe in deep cleansing breaths. This is the last full moon of the zodiac calendar. Breathe out all the energy you have been carrying with you through this past year. This bath is the beginning and end of a new cycle. Release what you no longer need. Reflect on all the good that has happened. Fill yourself with gratitude as you think through each wonderful thing that has come to you this past year.
When you pull the plug for the drain know that everything you release is going down the drain to never return. Rise from the water full of gratitude and feel a lightness as you take your first step into this new cycle.

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