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Valentine Inspired Self Care Bath Ritual

Valentine Inspired Self Care Bath Ritual | Crystal Bar Soap

Escape into a lush and whimsical euphoria with a valentines day inspired bath ritual. A warm luxurious bath is a great way to show yourself or body some love. Besides the feelings of comfort and relaxation, baths are nourishing to the body, helping it to cleanse and detoxify. Not to mention, baths make your skin look and feel great!

For a special self-care bath set the mood with your favorite candles, put on a romantic playlist, close your eyes and take in a few deep breaths before you start crafting your bath. Energy matters and crafting the bath is just as much of the process of soaking in the water. 

Once you are ready you can draw your bath, add your bath salts first to give the salts enough time to fully dissolve into the water. Pick your favorite bath bomb and soap and begin enjoying the art of cleaning your body. Feel all the unwanted energy leave your body as your cleanse your skin. You’ll become surround by a warm feeling of love in no time.

Finish your bath and apply a layer of body oil or body butter to your skin, after a bath or shower is the best time to lock in moisture for your skin. 

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