Understanding the 7 Chakras

Understanding the 7 Chakras

I've seen and read a million plus one chakra articles and almost all of them have left me more confused than before, yet despite all of this info I think I have gathered enough understanding to properly explain Chakras to beginners.

So lets begin,

What at the 7 Chakras?

In simplest terms the 7 chakras represent 7 different points of our body. Descending from the top of your head to the base of your spine the 7 chakras are known as;

  • Crown – located at the top of your head
  • Third Eye – located between and slightly above your eyes on your forehead
  • Throat – located at the base of your throat
  • Heart – located in the centre of your chest
  • Solar Plexus – located just below your sternum and above your belly button
  • Sacral  – over the sacrum
  • Root  – located at the base of your spine

Now that we know the 7 chakras let's get into the fun part. I am sure if you have heard anything about chakra than you have heard the terms, "opened and balanced chakras". This took me forever to properly understand but I think I have a good idea of what this means.

What do Chakra's do?

People explain chakras as light forces within our body that filter energy, and the experiences we have effects them. In translation, I like to view them as categories in my life; heart folder, voice folder, creative folder etc. Than the experiences I have daily, gets filed away and if I don't review what I'm collecting in the folders they become "unbalanced" or messy.

Lets create a scenario using my favourite chakra throat:

Tonight I have to go to a social gathering and in an ideal world my throat chakra will be open and allow me to speak freely, yet the days leading up to this event I start getting nervous talking with others. I find myself afraid to speak up in situations, is difficult for me to express my emotions, my anxiety leading up to this event is increasing etc. These are all signs that my throat chakra is "blocked". The throat chakra allows one to speak freely, so when you start to see these signs its clear that there is a blockage. 

Studying the 7 chakras has allowed me to gather more knowledge to easily see when my chakras are blocked. They begin to become easier to understand the more you study the them. I want to outline in future posts each of the 7 chakras and what to look for in each one for strong or unbalanced chakras.

This is only the beginning but I hope this post helps understand the terms being used and makes the 7 chakras more relatable to your life. If you have any questions please feel free to email us and I will try and address all questions in future post.

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