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Take Advantage of The Full Moon in Leo

Take Advantage of The Full Moon in Leo | Crystal Bar Soap

Leo Full Moon

You are going to want to take advantage of this Leo Full Moon. On Feb 16 2022 we have a Full Moon in Leo, this Full Moon will be peaking in the morning at 8:56 pst am at 27 degrees Leo. 

If you are planning to work with this Full Moon do so the night before if you are unable to in the morning. This Full Moon is so beautiful, and arguably the best Lunar phase we have had all year. 

Because this is also the day the Venus and Mars month long conjunction will be starting. The Venus and Mars conjunction starting in Capricorn and ending in Aquarius, so what does this mean for the Full Moon? Full Moons are a time of releasing this would be a wonderful time to release a project you have been working on. Especially for those with 5th house placements or with a lot of fixed energy in their own chart.

This Venus and Mars conjunction in Capricorn is great for holding in what you want to put your energy towards. This conjunction will also trine Uranus, We really are thinking about how we can move towards the future. If we already have plans for the future they may need some adjusting. If you have something to release, release it. If you have a project in the works for the future this is a great to make adjustments to your plan to help it come to life.

I hope you al have a beautiful Full Moon. 

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