Edition 11: Spread Happiness

Edition 11: Spread Happiness
EDITION 11 | 3:38 read time

Spread Happiness.

For weeks now we have been focusing on making Mondays better for ourselves, but this week I want us to spread that happiness to others. Over the last 10 weeks we have gained skills to help overcome negativity surrounding Mondays, and now I want us to start to spread that energy on to others. 

The best thing is helping others makes us feel really good, so making this our mission to do good in the world will make them feel good and in return make us feel great too and the cycle goes on. 

Pay It Forward


I am hoping most of you have seen the movie 'Pay It Forward", and if you haven't you need to make it your mission this week to watch it. Seriously, my emails are nothing compared to how life changing that movie is. 

In the movie an amazing idea is displayed, do 3 random acts of kindness to 3 strangers, than ask them to "pay it forward" and do the same thing. From there kindness spreads through the whole world, this sounds exactly like the kind of energy the world needs right now.






Monday Good Vibe Quote

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else"

Booker T Washington


Better Late Than Never


Obviously this email didn't go out on Monday, if you have been following along on our IG Stories you will know that we went away this weekend for a friends wedding. Unfortunately on the plane, a water bottle decided to kill my laptop...

There were quite a few things that went wrong with this trip; wallets lost, delayed flights, damaged computers, etc... BUT we have to move forward. Life is too short to get caught up in things we can't control. Even though this email is a day late, I still really wanted to send it out! For me, good is better than nothing, and I got to share our story with you. 

Monday Mantra

I am focused on what I can do today, to create a better tomorrow

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