Spirit Trading Co Review

Spirit Trading Co Review

This month Crystal Bar Soap had the pure pleasure of being included in "Spirit Trading Co" June Subscription box! If you know me you know how much I love getting things in the mail, every time we get a crystal delivery for soaps I always run to the door screaming "PRESENTS". It's probably cause my money goes straight into Crystal Bar Soap so I rarely spurge on myself. 

Subscriptions boxes are my only real gift to myself and I LOVE them! I am always amazed at the curation of treats inside every box! It must take a lot of work to discover new products every month but I am so happy someone takes the time to do this work. My favorite brands have been discovered through subscription boxes and each month it feels like I get exactly what I need. 

This month was no different, Spirit Trading Co featured some amazing products and I wanted to take a moment to review and share all the goodness found inside this months box! 


One of my favorite things in this box was the little buddha from Bali, when I moved I left my little buddha behind with my mom and it was such a special moment to see that in the box and add him into my new home here in LA. 

Speaking of home treats, my home smells AMAZING now with the grapefruit crystal infused candle, grapefruit is one of my favorite scents (I love anything citrus) so I was very happy yo get a new candle! 

We also got a sage mist which smells amazing, and the most amazing Cherry lip balm. I packed the lip balm in my bag while traveling this week and I have used it EVERY DAY! I don't know why but I haven't purchased lip balm in a very long time so this will definitely be a new favorite in my routine. 

A big reason I picked up this box was because of our Crystal Bar Soaps inside, each box features 1 of 7 chakra soaps. I got our Soothing Crown chakra soap, I made this bar back in the day for my mom that begged for months for a coconut bar! I am so happy I got around to making it because even though this bar is simple it is AMAZING! Such a wonderful, tropical treat for your skin. 

The box also included a ton of other goodies, lots of information and a cool reusable bag which I really enjoyed. I don't see lots of reusable bags in Subscription Boxes but I think that was such a nice treat since you can never have too many! 

To summarize, I think this box is really amazing. I feel like this box is prices really well for how much you get. I felt like the box was never ending as I pulled everything out, do yourself and treat yourself to something good for your soul! 

Also I was reading through their IG ( @spirittradingcompany ) and found an active discount code, Enter FREESPIRIT10 and get 10% off your first month! Lift Your Spirit today!!

Follow this link to discover Spirit Trading Co 

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