Self Care for Business Owners

Self Care for Business Owners

This may be one of my most personal post - nothing has been harder for me than running a "self care holistic" business while struggling personally with my own self-care practices. My work/life balance has been a roller coaster ride over the years, in the beginning I found it easy to adapt self care practices but as the business grew those practices seems to slip away.

Than the worst came,

the endless guilt from not feeling authentic enough to run a self-care business. I mean, how could I sell a spiritual tool while not practicing self-care myself? I've had to spend a lot of time finding a balance that works for me while also growing my business. So here is a few tips I have for anyone needed to find a little more balance in their life.

1.Breath and Reflect

When life starts to get overwhelmed, take a breathe and a step back, look for what seems out of balance. It should be clear in some way where you are spending to much time and lacking in others. Take a moment to refocus your attention and make some changes to help your mental state and juggle your business. Remember its ok to ask for help too.

2. Take a break

Lets be honest business owners, do we ever take breaks? Even if we are not physically working our minds seem to never rest. Yet, from my personal experience taking a break can be the most healing form of self-care. Now, I don't mean a little 10 minute break - get out of the house! Call some friends, plan a date, think about a gathering or event for a day rather than work. I promise you will find new forms of inspiration for this little bit of reality and be able to come back to work and thrive with new ideas.

3. TRIBE is Important

Surround yourself with those and things that empower you, when self doubt creeps into our minds our TRIBE is an essential tool for keeping our minds focused on the good rather than the bad. Even if you just need a good self help audio book or a note from your past self, anything is a tool to remind yourself how amazing you truly are.

4. Create your own Zen space.

Create a space in your world that has nothing to do with your business, a space that allows you to relax your mind, relax and unwind, and replenish your mind, body and soul. Fill your space with everything that increases your frequency, photos, crystals, candles, fluffy pillows - all things that make you feel good and inspired.

I hope these tips will help you replenish yourself and empower you to maintain your hustle and grow yourself and your brand. Self-care is much more than a hot bath and a green juice - its an entire mental state and I hope these tips will help you in all the ways that matter.

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