Sacred Bloom (May Subscription Box)

May brings us a beautiful season of change, we start the month in the grounding energy of Taurus and leave with the light energy of Gemini. The transition between these two zodiac signs deeply reflect the spiritual energy the the Flower Moon brings us. 

During the month of May we are force to pay attention to our deepest desires and as the month progresses forward we are gifted the opportunity to plant theses seeds and watch them bloom over the month. I love the energy May brings, it is rewarding to feel grounded and in tune with your goals and end the month lifted by that energy. 

When deciding what energy I wanted to capture in the May Subscription box I knew I wanted to bring us to a grounded state. Especially after Aprils Aries + Birthday celebrations. 

Having the idea of the Flower Moon lingering in the back of my mind I couldn't help by think about a soap I use to have called "Flower of Life" which featured the sacred geometry symbol of the Flower of Life. The idea of May was sparked by combining the energy of our Taurus Soap and the pattern of the Flower of Life. 

I wanted to also make sure this bar reconnected us to Mothers Earths energy which is why we went with the gentle aroma of Cedarwood Essential Oil. We also added Poppy Seeds to this creation to offer a scrubbing sensation that again, connects us to the earths energy. 

What came of all of these ideas is a soap I am deeply proud of called Sacred Bloom, it perfectly captures all of the different elements I wanted to see in this creation. 

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