March Box - All about the Vernal Equinox!

Hello Again, what a difference a month can make! Since launching our subscription box last month I am already starting to feel like a pro! Story Time about the BTS of Crystal Bar Soap (PS. I am not ashamed to have struggles in our business, it gives us areas to grow in) ANYWAYS, something that has been a big challenge for us is getting orders out in a timely matter. 

I have watched hundreds of videos from fellow small business owners and I know I am not alone out there. When you run a small business, handmade everything and also run your own fulfillment it is actually quite a lot to handle. One mistake of running our of crinkle paper or shipping labels can set you back a week! 

Plus when you are competing against Amazon, pretty much the faster shipping company in the world not to mention changing the expectation of how fast people expect to get there orders it can be a bit challenging. 

Lots of the small businesses I see tend to have this issue until they are at the stage where they can get a fulfillment centre which can be expensive and also unipersonal. Either way, my goal for Crystal Bar is to be faster and better and I am hoping 2019 helps highlight the best way to do this. 

So the point of this story, our subscription boxes BOTH TIMES have gone out right on schedule which is a huge accomplishment for us! It feels amazing to have found something we can really successful do and I am eager to take what we have learned and apply it to the rest of Crystal Bar Soap. 

Now March is all about the Beginning of Spring and the Vernal Equinox!

March is the rebirth of the soul and the earth, we can shred what no longer serves us and focus on new beginnings. Our Subscription box is just that for us! A new beginning! Can you feel the energy of things aligning! Woo we sure can! 

We knew for this box we wanted to create a bar for the Spring Equinox! I love making soaps for super moons and one time astrology events etc but sometimes by the time you know its coming its too late to create and ship out to have it arrive when you need it. 

That is why our subscription box is so wonderful, we can create for you to have our soaps during the time you need it most. We can align the energy just right so when you get your order you are ready for the energy of the soaps waiting inside for you!

This months box is focused on the Spring Equinox know as Vernal Equinox - it is when there is a complete balance in the world with equal day and night.

The sun enters the zodiac sign Aries , this is the arrival of a new yearly circle! This transition marks the end of winter and the beginning of a new cycle! As nature leaves the darkness of winter we are also invited to leave behind what no longe serves us and have a spiritual rebirth. Both the earth and our spiritual selfs experiences a resurrection with the start of the new year.

The Spring Equinox happens on the 20th of March. 

Our design highlighted the vibrant energy of spring, the balance of day and night, and the rebirth of energy! It is also made with exfoliating chia seeds to allow you to spiritually cleanse off what you want to leave behind you as we enter the new year. The seeds also represent the planting of new seeds and the welcoming of new opportunities. 

Embedded inside with its golden yellow hue Citrine epitomises the warm glow of the ever increasing Spring sunshine to which the plants and flowers lovingly respond. Citrine has the optimistic energy of Spring and all the potential it promises. It has the bright energy of golden daffodils which cannot fail to cheer us up even when the Spring showers are pouring down. If you are looking to bring light, brightness and joy into your life Citrine is a charming choice that will inspire and illuminate.

Just as nature bursts forth so dynamically at this time of year, Citrine can really help us get back the spring in our step, filling us with energy, improving our esteem and encouraging us to express ourselves. After being cooped up over Winter some people, like the bulbs below the earth, cannot wait to get out into the open air and feel the sun on them once more and Citrine is a great ally for all those who feel that way.

Don't miss out, join our subscription service today to get good vibes delivered straight to your door. 

Special Thanks to our Local Print Shop Feathers Printing for printing all of our Subscription Box inserts. We love getting to also support small businesses in the area.

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