Amber Tak Art Zodiac Collection

Today we are taking a moment to celebrate an incredible artist that has used our Zodiac Collection to inspire 12 versions of her own characters. We sat down with Amber Tak (IG: @Lily_Ellie_Art_Crafts) to talk about what inspired her to create this collection - below is her entire series along with her answer. 

*Ambers Favorite Design

Thank you so much Amber for the incredible showcase of Art, I cannot wait to see what you do next! Make sure to follow Ambers Journey on her Instagram @lily_ellie_art_crafts/ and you can support Amber by using her Ambassador code: AmbersArt98 for 10% off your next order



Amber also gave us some behind the scenes photos of her process, for anything creative I always tell everyone document your journey! So many things happen in the process of growth and its always so nice to have photos of your work and progression! I am so proud of Amber! 


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Angela Thompson

These are incredible works of art! It’s so beautiful to see artists inspired by my favorite soaps. Such an awesome relation to the soaps! Love love love 💕

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