Leo Season 2018 - Time to let your inner light shine.

Leo Season 2018 - Time to let your inner light shine.

Cancer season's mystical waves sailed our fears and nourished our hearts under the Moonlit Harbor. Now, at the peak summer, the warm sun is shining brightly, while bringing light to our soul's truth. 

Welcome to Leo season! 

In astrology, the Sun represents the ego, the creativity of an individual, and the core or foundation of who we are, and it officially enters exciting and romantic Leo this year on July 22.

In Leo, the Sun is able to shine its brightest—the bright, bold and expressive qualities of Leo match up perfectly with what the Sun represents in astrology, the sun is our primary source of energy — hence this zodiac sign is often identified as "the king" and "giver of life." The lion is a symbol of our life-giving father and spirit. It rules the heart, as it is the center of all creation and energetic flow.

In astrology, Leo represents the birth of authenticity, as it is a represents our conscious self. It's where our hearts recognize our consciousness, and where we combine our personality and soul energy in order to radiate love. This is the development of the ego and realization of self. Some say Leo is the most important fire sign in the zodiac. This is because its solar fire is associated with the soul, and that of a higher mind. Do you see why Leo is zodiac royalty?



Leo Season allows us to shine the light on ourselves, Leo is a fixed sign associated with persistence, determination, and tenacity, you'll feel more confident that usual. This is an amazing time to follow your instincts and share your skills every chance you get. "If you are an artist try to get your work displayed where you live. If you have natural leadership abilities then apply for that promotion you have been wanting," Numerology Sign advised. 

So, embrace the energy of Leo and go shine your brightest into the world. Be as dramatic as you want, and be loud and proud in everything you do. Go on a date, create art, channel your royal vibes, and ascend to your throne. No matter how you spend this exciting time, allow yourself to have fun, play and be yourself.

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