International Water Day - How to conserve every drop.

International Water Day - How to conserve every drop.

With today being International Water Day I wanted to help outline a few easy ways to help conserve more water. I recently watched a new documentary on Netflix called "Water and Power - a California heist" and it was very eye opening on the source of the California drought. Although its not a headline right now it does not mean water conservation isn't important. 

Living with intention means being aware of global events and basing your life choices around what you believe to be morally right. So I highly suggest watching this documentary when you get the chance, as for now I wanna focus on ways you can make small changes to save more water daily.


1: Turn off the water while brushing your teeth/washing your hands

I do both of these; and it can save gallons of water – daily! First, put some toothpaste on your toothbrush, wet it a bit, and then turn off the water, and brush your teeth normally! For washing your hands – wet your hands first, turn off the faucet, rub your hands with soap (or squirt your hands with soap), rub them together, turn on the water, and wash the soap off! Why bother to keep the water running?

2: Shower instead of bathe

Taking a bath can use up a lot of water vs. a normal shower. I personally never take baths, because I find it gross bathing around in my own germs. Don’t forget to try to take showers for 15 minutes or less.

3: Reusing water for your plants

Instead of getting fresh water from the tap for your plants, you can do things like installing a rain barrel, saving cold shower water (when waiting for warm water, take a container and put it under the faucet), reusing your pasta cooking water (follow these simple steps, #6) , and many other things.

4: Fix leaks

The leak can be anywhere – but the toilet and faucet are two of the popular places where a lot of water is wasted. Consider getting a toilet that uses less water, and calling a plumber, or fixing it yourself.

5: Share this post

Now a days it seems like the best way to make a big impact is to get your friends involved. Sharing this post encourages awareness on International Water Day and how to conserve water. Start the conversation with your friends and family about how you can implement a change to save more water in your daily life. Comment down below other ways YOU conserve water.

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