How to Add the 4 Elements to your Alter

How to Add the 4 Elements to your Alter

Inspired by my personal motto to "Live with Intention"  I wanted to take a moment to share with you how to craft a personal alter that incorporates the 4 elements. There are a few different versions of how to set up your alter, this is a guide line for adding these elements but please use your own intuition to guide you. This is your space so create an alter that allows you to manifest your dreams.

This post is focused around the 4 elements because I find these elements create a harmony in my space. My intentions can be formed in a space that considers all the elements.

Below I will share the 4 elements and tools you can add to your alter to represent them.


  • Salt is a great option as it represents purifying.
  • Soil ideal for outdoor worship or rituals focused on fertility
  • Crystals/Stones viberat the energy of the earth
  • Herbs, Flowers, or Seeds act as substance that earth brings in forms of food, and plants for animals.


  • Candles when lit creates a flame 
  • Blade is a masculine tool to represent sex
  • Fire Bowl (check our Full Moon rituals for how I use my fire bowl)


  • Sage the smoke moves around the ritual space
  • Feather represent the lightness of living things.
  • Bells help clear energy and also represent the beginning and end of a ritual ceremony.


  • Bowl acts as a space to hold water
  • Cauldron symbol of rebirth with its womb-like shape
  • Crystal Ball
  • Wine represents blood.

Personal altars are a great tool for the modern witch (warlock) or Goddess (god). They're a small space with your most cherished items. These items of your choice act as a reminder to put yourself first, to breathe, and to stay in line with your inner magic. Adding these 4 elements on your alter is a great way to balance the 4 elements in your space and your intentions.

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