EDITION 08 We Are Back! Monday Good Vibe Email

EDITION 08 We Are Back! Monday Good Vibe Email

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We Are Back!

Last Monday was a holiday. I didn't mean to, but I ended up missing our Monday email (did you miss me?) - but for real, I am completely unapologetic. The whole purpose of Crystal Bar Soap and these Monday Morning emails is self care, and sometimes that means taking a break from work, embracing a holiday, and relaxing. I hope all of you did the same thing!

Not apologizing for taking care of yourself is what I wanted to talk about today! I love when I see humans surrounded by self care. For me, self care has always been selfish, but in a good way. I love the idea of being selfish, not worrying about others, and just living life for yourself for a moment. 

Tip: I know some of you might see the idea of not worrying about others as INSANE, but the truth is they will be fine if you step away for a day. Even if things go bad, they will learn how to handle things themselves.

The Good Selfish

Just like the word Monday, "Selfish" got a bad rep... but lets get real - humans are naturally selfish and there is no shame in wanting to make sure your needs are met. I hate that hearing the stories of people that carry guilt with them because they choose themselves first - selfishness (the good selfish) should never be considered bad. 
The way I see it, if everyone put themselves first, we would all have the independence we need to speak our truth, share our stories, and live the most authentic life that we can. 

Monday Good Vibe Quote

"Vibrate so high that toxic people in your life fall back, because they no longer know how to approach you"

― Unknown


The above quote captures so well why I believe in taking care of yourself - When you focus on yourself, your energy changes, you vibrate higher, and you end up attracting other high vibing people and less negativity. 

Monday Challenge

I always love giving you a call-to-action, todays challenge is to put yourself first. I know this can be super hard, with our families and work, our happiness seems to be low on the list. Do what you can today to be first - get creative, sneak it in if you have to but I really want to plant the seed that you matter too. Your happiness should be the most important to you today! 
Monday Mantra

"I am making my own happiness a priority"

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