EDITION 06 (Mindset Shift Mondays)

EDITION 06 (Mindset Shift Mondays)

EDITION 06 | 5:03 read time
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{Mindset Shift Mondays} 

Since starting these emails I have started to wonder why most people have a negative opinion of Mondays. Where did the idea of Mondays being a bad thing come from? If we didn't have a iPhone in our hands to tell us what day Monday was, it would just be another day of the week. So why do you walk into the beginning of the week dreading it? 

I think it just has to do with our mindset, we have been trained to believe Mondays are negative but training our brain to embrace the possibilities of Monday's could help sky rocket our lifestyle. Lets take a look at things was can do to shift our mindset. 

Monday Good Vibe Quote

"You can change who you are by changing what goes into your mind”


-Zig Ziglar


Monday = Sunday!

Here's a fun idea, what if Monday's weren't Monday's? Pick your favourite day and think about what makes it so great. Lets add a dose your favourite day to your Monday. 

If you like weekends, try going to a happy hour, meet a friend for lunch, have game night, go on a date or go to a fun event like a movie or festival. I think we have programmed our mindset to think Mondays have to be like Monday's. Adding your favourite day activities to your Monday is a great way to switch the mindset we have for Monday's.

Our Hydration Goal

With summer around the corner it is more important to ensure our bodies are hydrated. Our goal this week is to make sure we are keeping our bodies hydrated. 

Keep a glass of water near your workstation and keep and drink throughout the day. If you wanna shake up your water try adding frozen fruit, cucumbers or lemons to your water. Your brain will operate more smoothly and you’ll feel better overall moving Monday up on the awesome scale.
Monday Mantra

Everything I need is within me

Good Vibes Playlist

Music has alwsy fed my soul, here is my good vibes playlist to add a little bit of upbeat energy to you day! xo
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