EDITION 05 (Carefree Lifestyle vs. Schedule Self Care)

EDITION 05 (Carefree Lifestyle vs. Schedule Self Care)
EDITION 05 | 3:39 read time
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Carefree Lifestyle vs. Schedule Self Care

This weekend I had a huge epiphany, for three years I have been embracing a carefree lifestyle with the belief that living without structure or a schedule meant I had a carefree life. But this weekend, as I was walking up and down the isles of a grocery store without a list or idea of what I needed I realized how much time I was wasting. Than the idea hit me, if I want more time for myself, more time to relax and practice self care I needed to stop wasting my time during daily activities. 

Its essential that we show ourselves respect with how we use our time, the idea of a routine/schedule means we are utilizing our time to manifest the things we want in our daily life. Simply put, use your time better to have more time for yourself. 

The Power of the Routine

I spent the weekend adapting my schedule and found I got way more done than expected, which meant I got to enjoy some time on Sunday soaking in the sun. So, the routine life converted me pretty quickly, I am excited to try the routine all week and I would love for you to join. 

I think a routine can be a key to a successful Monday, by having a routine for your week allows your brain and body to work in harmony. Both understand what is needed and you end up working towards your goals by getting more done. 
  • Accomplish more. When you have a routine, a list of tasks to be done, you already have a plan made, you already know how to do it and you also know how you will feel when you finish it. So, once of start you want to finish it. 
  • Less stress. When you take the time to schedule your day your brain and body begin to work in harmony. It already knows what to do, how and what to expect. No surprises, no stress, just follow the plan. Your brain likes routines, it´s easy. So, routines means a peaceful mind
  • More time for Self Care. With the addition of a schedule you will find you end up with a lot more time within a 24 hour day. As you accomplish more, you can invest your extra time how you want. 

Monday Good Vibe Quote

"It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do CONSISTENTLY.”


-Tony Robbins


Monday Mornings

Since this is our Monday Morning emails lets focus on Monday Mornings - pay attention today about what you do, what do you need to do every morning and what would you like to do more? How can we develop a schedule to meet your needs?

The goal today is to create a morning routine to practice for the rest of the week. My goals this week is to drink more water in the morning, not touch my phone for the first hour, have a moment of silence and get some sunlight! What do you want your mornings to look like. 

My tip: Try and make every morning the same, it will make it easier to make it a habit!
Monday Mantra

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