EDITION 03 (This Monday is all about guilty pleasures.)

EDITION 03 (This Monday is all about guilty pleasures.)
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This Monday is all about guilty pleasures.

Not going to lie, "guilty pleasures" pisses me off... whoever decided that you should feel guilty for feeling good is no friend of mine. What a dumb idea. Thats why this Monday's Topic is alllll about embracing what makes us feel gooood! 

First things first, feeling good is nothing you should EVER feel bad about so lets leave that guilt at the door now! We are too often afraid of judgment from our peers, we let fear effect our happiness. As soon as we can release that fear we get to be in charge of our joy again. 

Show and Tell

What makes us happy is not universal, we all have our own personal traits that define what we think defines happinesses for us. Think about what makes you happy, is it an activity, a favourite colour, a favourite meal? Let your thoughts be consumed with your our joys in life. 

This Monday is about shedding that fear and embracing your own happiness, what can you do today to share what makes you happy with the people around you. Sharing our happiness helps us manifest joy in our lives! Don't be afraid of what people might say, connect and discover what makes someone else happy. Skip fear and move straight to celebrating the joys in life!

Monday Good Vibe Quote

 “The past has no power over the present moment”

- Eckhart Tolle


Select, Shuffle, and Play

Monday Music: I am not the kind of person to have a favourite band or type of music but the right music is essential for capturing a mood. This morning lets blast the beat of our favourite music!

If you don't have songs that come to mind below is my "crusin' + sunshine" playlist. It's a collection of some of my favourite classic songs, usually end up dancing and smiling when playing this mix! I hope you enjoy!
Monday Mantra

"Happiness starts from within me"


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