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Divine Creator

Divine Creator | Crystal Bar Soap

I’ve been looking up at the moon a lot more than usual these last few weeks..... I deeply trust that the universe is here to guide us and help us find our way. The moon reflects something within myself, I don’t just see the moon but feel it as well.

My connection with the sun, the stars, the clouds and the moon is a relationship I never want to lose. Since I was a child I’ve always been looking up to the sky for answers. ✨ Some days I feel pain, other days comfort and guidance but I always feel something and I believe that has always helped me find my inner strength to move forward.

My love for the moon can be found within our creations! Especially Divine Creator, this bar embodies everything I love about the moon!! This bar will be restocked next week for those asking! Xo

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Angela Thompson

I’ve always loved the yin/yang vibe the “Divine Creator” bar brings with its design. The moon has always given me such an excitement and feeling of awe when seeing all its different cycles. It reminds me that we’re all going through cycles and how magical we all are as individuals. Someone looks at us in awe like we look at the moon through its cycles in awe. Awesome comeback bar!

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