Letter from Kat


I made Crystal Bar Soaps first ever Instagram post to showcase our first attempt of making soaps, right away we had new followers and Etsy Sales and I really felt for the first time that I could create something that could do something good in the world. It started off as an idea that sparked something more important. PASSION. The world has plenty of ideas but you need to have passion to drive them places. 

It is too easy to quit. Quitting is the easiest thing in the world to do. Everyone wants you to quit... why would your friends want to see you struggle to pay bills to make soap when you could just work a nice 9-5. 
No one wants to see you not have insurance or spend every day, every night, everyday working... I lost friends, I lost family, I lost a lot..... BUT I GAINED EVERYTHING!!!

I know in the deepest parts of my heart that this was what I was suppose to do. When I was told no and to stop... I couldn't. I knew this was important work. Crystal Bar taught me what self care, womanhood, strength, fear, and sustainable looks like. She taught me everything that made me who I am today. 

I am so happy. 

I am so happy I could cry. I feel so strong, beautiful, smart and powerful. I feel like I can do good in the world. I feel like I can bring light to the darkness. I feel so much and all I want to do is share this joy inside me with all of you. 

I want everyone yo feel what I feel and I infused who I am into every creation we have. Crystal Bar is my way of speaking and sharing with the world and for 4 years I have learned how to use my voice! 

I have learned so much in 4 years, I feel like I have grown up in front of all of you and I am so blessed to be able to share what life is teaching me to the world. I hope that through sharing and creating I can help even just one person. 

4 YEARS and here we are! I never expected to be here which makes this moment even more humbling. I know that we made it to a point that not everyone makes it too and I will never waste the opportunity that you have given us! 2019 is our year to kickstart something bigger than ourselves! I am so ready to embrace whatever magic comes our way! 

Written from my heart to all of you!
Proud Founder, Owner and Operator of Crystal Bar Soap

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