A Tarot Spread for the Spring Equinox

A Tarot Spread for the Spring Equinox

When life gets crazy, I pull out a deck of cards.

I ask for guidance, I start shuffling, and when I draw that first card in a spread, I know I'm taking positive steps toward building a better life for myself.

Tarot is an amazing tool for self-care. Whether you've just discovered it or have been reading for years and years, the Tarot can help bring to light some of the most important lessons that you'll learn in this life. Often times, the cards will reflect what you already know, reassuring you that you're on the right path and sometimes reminding you of your past mistakes.  I have one deck in particular that likes to say "I told you so."

With the Spring Equinox only a week away, Tuesday, March 20th, we've created a six card Tarot spread that will help you recognize what path is best for you at this time. What road will lead you to the beautiful rebirth that the Equinox represents?

Take a moment to center yourself. A few deep breaths can be all that's needed, but the goal is to clear your head as best as possible. Relax your shoulders, stop twitching your fingers - let yourself tune into the goal of this Tarot spread

For me, I used the main themes of the spread as a mantra to focus my thoughts as I shuffle.

“Rebuild, Rebalance, Rebirth” – from the bottom row of the spread to the top.

As Kat and I were working out the best way to position the spread and how to better explain each row, we decided that Rebuild (Cards 1, 2, 3) can work as your foundation. Think of it in a similar way to the “Past” card in some readings.


As you pull these cards, keep in mind the decisions and experiences that have led you to this point. Whether you view your current situation as positive, as a work in progress, or as something entirely unpleasant – there is always room to grow. Figuring out how best to grow can be the tricky part...leading us to our middle row.


These two cards work as our “Advice” cards or “Action” cards. You've examined where you are, the good and the bad, and now it's decision making time. This row gives a gentle nudge toward the right path – where to place your focus and how to tilt the scale in one direction or another, Rebalance!


Representing your Rebirth and your future self.

I certainly don't believe that the future is set in stone so if this card is something that makes you think, “Hey, that isn't what I want.” Guess what? You can change the outcome! You are the author. You write your own story.

Looking again at the middle row, the way you approach your advice cards can play a big part in where you end up.

I highly recommend keeping a journal nearby to take note of your cards and write down your interpretations.  Light some candles, some incense, put on some calming music, set the mood!  Make it something special!


The New Moon on Saturday, March 17th is another great time to play with this spread!  New Moon, New Beginnings!



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The Spring Equinox - Rebirth, Rebalance, Rebuild

The Spring Equinox - Rebirth, Rebalance, Rebuild


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