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Star Sign


Feel the power of the stars with this unique Zodiac-inspired bath bomb. Carefully designed to complement your signs needs to help you soothe your soul as you drift away in a galaxy of fragrant, fizzy relaxation. Take a celestial self-care journey for your own star sign for an individualized self-care experience. Recharge and glow!

AriesOpen the door to ancestral wisdom with this energizing Aries-inspired Bath Bomb! Unlock the power of Bloodstone hidden inside which can bring clarity of mind to Aries who struggle with their impulsivity. It also increases mental clarity, which helps in the decision-making process. Scented in a fresh apricot blend to uplift Aries spirits.


TaurusExperience the sensual pleasure of the Taurus sign with this luxurious Zodiac-inspired bath bomb. Immerse yourself in the soothing aromas of black opium and relax as your skin is nourished and refreshed. Inside the Smokey Quartz reintroduces us to our sexual nature, it teaches us that sexuality is an integral part of our being


Gemini - Make your voice heard with the Star Sign - Gemini Bath Bomb! Designed to help you speak your truth and inspired deep conversations, Sodialite will open and soothe your throat chakra. 

Cancer - Calm and restore your spirit with the luxurious bath bomb specially crafted with cancer energy in mind, simply drop this bath bomb in the water and allow all the restorative energy to soothe your emotions and help you feel in perfect harmony. Pamper yourself with the exclusive feel of this unique bath bomb.


Leo - Ignite the fire within your heart with this Leo-inspired zodiac bath bomb. Connect with your emotions and release stress with the Grey Agate energy inside, working to heal the user in different ways, allowing you to emerge a powerful new version of yourself. Ready, set, spark!


Virgo - Connect with your spirituality as you soak in the magical earth energy and rediscover the power you hold within. Inside Amethyst brings a spiritual element to the analytical mind of Virgos. It provides calm and soothing energy that promotes feelings of well-being, helping Virgos to accept what they cannot change. Unwind with the calming scent of the Virgo bath bomb for a truly magical experience.


Libra - Take a dive into the heavens with our Libra bath bomb inspired to give you peace, serenity, and balance in one creation. Inside Angel Aura the perfect stone to practice gratitude. This stone works to assist us in remembering to pay attention to the beauty surrounding us, whether it is in Nature or Spirit. This bath bomb brings the spa experience without leaving your home!


Scorpio - Explore the mysteries of your star sign with this Scorpio-inspired, pomegranate-scented, transformation-inducing bath bomb. Infused with labradorite, this bath bomb is designed to help you balance and protect your aura while banishing negative energy and fears. Let the truth of your inner self come to light with a soothing, nourishing soak.


SagittariusRelax and find your inner peace with our Star Sign Bath Bomb, inspired by the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius! Inside Mookaite will bring you patience and serenity. Enjoy the moment as you soak in the healing, calming aroma - and be present in the moment to start your journey of self-reflection. Rejuvenate yourself and your spirit!


Capricorn - A little moment for yourself! Pamper yourself with this Capricorn-inspired bath bomb, formulated with all the care and ingredients you deserve! Infused with Rose Quartz to help you pull the love you give too others into yourself. Get ready to relax and restore your very own star-sign-inspired experience.


Aquarius - Unlock the creative potential of Aquarius with this bath bomb. Featuring Amazonite to help chill you out during times of stress. It will help you go with the flow and open up your center of communication and expression. The soothing scent of this bath bomb will help you find your creative center so you can keep running wild through this world. 


Pisces - Lose yourself in a dreamy Pisces bath with this zodiac-inspired bath bomb! Pisces have strong mental abilities. Yet, when the Third Eye is closed or unbalanced, a Pisces may feel a little lost at sea. This bath helps them stimulate their mental energy field, which opens the mind to new ideas and sharpens their thoughts. Sink into the stars with this calming citrus blend and find peace of mind. (This one's for the mystics!)


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Star Sign


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