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Mischievous Mary - 3oz Crystal Infused Bar Soap

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"It reeks of children!"


Amethyst crystals inside act as a portal entrance to activating your intuition and spiritual awareness. It is the source of power that will allow you to lead others with strength and nurturing motives. It will open your third eye and assist in remembering and understanding the dreams and messages your receive from the higher realms. 


Mary is a powerful witch all in her own way, her magic feels the most earthy of the 3 sisters so we gave this bar this blend we are calling "vanishing powder". Its a blend of notes that smell like baby powder mixed with incense and candles after you blow out the flame. 

making magic since 2015

Our goal has always been to bring spirituality and wellness together. Each bar is made with a crystal inside that infuses the soap with positive energy. We also minimizing our environmental impact by eliminating plastic bottles from body washes ending up in landfills. When you finish your soap you are left with a crystal to use again and again.