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Lucid Dreamer (Pisces Sun) - 5oz Crystal Infused Bar Soap

Lucid Dreamer (Pisces Sun) - 5oz Crystal Infused Bar Soap

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✨ Enter into the dreamy world of Pisces ✨ As a Pisces Sun, your gift is your endless stream of spiritual wisdom. You can easily go with the flow and adapt to those around you. Your ability to blend the energies of the spiritual world with life on earth makes the Pisces Sun path in life truly magical!


We wanted to connect Pisces with their spiritual wisdom and embedded this bar with Amethyst. Amethyst is a multidimensional stone that works with the third eye and crown chakras to allow our consciousness to connect with energies at a much higher frequency. It offers a range of energetic uses that can assist you in raising your own personal intuition and bring your sixth sense to the forefront of your thoughts. At the moment, we may not know what exactly is right for us, but that feeling within is always our consciousness making the right decision. As you work with this stone, you will feel a sense of warmth and gratitude surrounding you as Amethyst acts as a protective bubble to help one maintain mental clarity and physical energy as you swim through life.


A lucid blend of ocean water and water lilies create a soothing blend to help you relax and allow your mind to wander to your most magical visions! 

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