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Meadow Of Secrets - 30oz Crystal Infused Bath Salt

Meadow Of Secrets - 30oz Crystal Infused Bath Salt

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Black Onyx brings the deepest and truest reflection of your soul. It filters the shallow perception from the people that surrounds you and it lets them see the depths of your personality. It guides you in your spiritual journey bringing the hope of light in the tunnel of darkness. It is a powerful stone that protects the mind and the body from the negative fields that drain that carriers’ energy resulting in a positive emotional and physical well-being. It has countless healing and spiritual properties that date back hundreds of years.


A powerful aroma comes from inside the meadows and pulls you to explore your 12th house. Notes of apple, frozen berry, lemon, balsam fir, cinnamon, clove, cedarwood, mountain air, and musk pair with sweet agave, melon, amber and teakwood to enchant the air and mark the commencement of winter festivities. 

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