Collection: Pride 2022

The collection is tied to “radical self-liberation,” which queer and trans people are finding new ways to embody and fight for in an age of heightened LGBTQ+ visibility. Examining the ways everything around us is gendered—self care and baths included—and flipping that on its head.

Those two stripes also represent those living with HIV/AIDS, people who have passed from the virus and the overall stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS that remains today.


Hot Pink symbolizes sex

Red equals life

Orange symbolizes healing

Yellow stands for sunlight

Green represents nature

Turquoise equals magic & art

Indigo stands for serenity

Violet represents the spirit of LGBTQ people

 Black/Brown - More Color More Pride - represent marginalised BAME voices, and people of colour within the queer community

Pink/White/Blue  while the pink, blue and white arrow shape represents the transgender community. 


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