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Kindness Realm - 30oz Crystal Infused Bath Salt

Kindness Realm - 30oz Crystal Infused Bath Salt

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Infuse your life with happiness! The Kindness Realm is a portal to joy and reminds you to live and be present in the moment.


Infused with energy to live in the here and now, Unakite inspires a sense of urgency to help you realize how quickly time passes. It is a take-action crystal and reminds us that now is the best time to leap toward our dreams. It promotes a vibrant and healthy life by empowering you to heal from within. It prevents you from suppressing pain from your past and dissolves anything blocking your energy from moving freely within your body. Encouraging patience and persistence, it teaches you to be present by truly acknowledging your feelings. Look to the future by using the past as a lesson!


Enter into a world of happiness in joy with sparks of sprinkles and rainbows everywhere you look! The Kindness Realm is bursting with fresh peaches, passionflower, and agave to bring the spirit of summer to your bath rituals.

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