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Full Moon Gift Set - Includes 6 Full Moon products

Full Moon Gift Set - Includes 6 Full Moon products

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The full moon is an incredibly powerful time in the lunar cycle because it is when the moon is at its brightest. Connecting with the moon during this part of the moon cycle aligns you with its high vibrations and allows you to channel that powerful energy when it comes to your intentions and whatever you are manifesting. This full moon bath combines a crystal practice with other energy tools so you can harness the full energetic potential of the full moon.

Product Details
  • 1 Attracting Wealth Mini Soap
  • 1 Lunar Glow Bath Potion
  • 1 Full Moon bath/body oil
  • 1 Total Illumination Full Moon Bath Bomb
  • 2 Extra Bath Bombs to use either before or after the full moon. 
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