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Dark Jewels Collection - Set of 3 Crystal Infused Bath Bomb

Dark Jewels Collection - Set of 3 Crystal Infused Bath Bomb

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Cleanse your spirit with the vibrations of these dark jewels. The Sapphire gem is perfect for creating serenity and symbolizes loyalty. The Emerald possesses an alluringly earthy feel that boosts creativity and an abundance of productive energy. Lastly, Ruby is linked with power, status, and an unending desire to conquer. This is the go-to option when you need a confidence boost!

Sapphire: Inside, the energy of Dumortierite enhances the ability to speak out for what you know to be real and true. Scented in a cool mountain blend of bergamot, grapefruit, jasmine, rosemary, coconut, and oakmoss.

Emerald: Inside, the energy of Bloodstone strengthens one's connection with the earth's energy and life force. It works directly with new creation and growth in every aspect of life. Scented in a mysterious forest and mint blend.

Ruby: Inside, the energy of Garnet represents love, devotion, passion, desire, commitment, and an open heart. Garnet is a stone of strength, vitality, and energy. Scented in dark pomegranatesapplewood, patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla bourbon, and allspice.

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