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Graveyard Bath Bomb Box

Graveyard Bath Bomb Box

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Life and Death are part of the nature of all things in life... This couldn't be more true when it comes to the creation of bath bombs. During our production process, it is nearly impossible for all the bath bombs to survive. 

Some break during wrapping, others are Frankenstein versions of leftover bath bomb powder, some have been abandoned by the inventory system and only one remains and it's easier for us to toss it into one of these amazing boxes. 

We gather all the "graveyard" bath bombs in bins for x amount of time and when it's full it's time to pack them up and ship them to you. All are still made with love and the amazing ingredients you love. Some have crystals, some do not. Some are nearly perfect and others are well.... "cremated" so to say. 

It's a mystery every time. 

Each round of boxes may be a different price based on the products in the graveyard and the number of products we add but we do try and keep it roughly the same each time. 


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