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How To Make Full Moon Bath Water To Harness The Energy of The Moon

How To Make Full Moon Bath Water To Harness The Energy of The Moon

Bathing in the glow of the full moon is a timeless ritual celebrated across cultures for its spiritual significance and rejuvenating properties. Full moon bath water, infused with the mystical energy of the lunar cycle, offers a sacred opportunity to cleanse, recharge, and align with the rhythms of the cosmos. Here's how you can create your own full moon bath water for a deeply nourishing and transformative bathing experience.


  1. Clean glass jar or container with a lid
  2. Filtered or spring water
  3. Optional: crystals, herbs, or flowers for additional energy (ensure they are safe for use in baths)


  1. Select a container: Choose a clean glass jar or container with a lid to hold your full moon bath water. Glass is preferred as it does not interfere with the energy of the water.

  2. Prepare your water: Fill your container with filtered or spring water. It's essential to use clean water to ensure purity and enhance the effectiveness of the ritual.

  3. Set your intention: Before placing your water outside, take a moment to set your intention for the bath. Reflect on what you wish to manifest, release, or receive during your bath ritual. Your intention will guide the energy of the full moon water.

  4. Charge under the full moon: On the night of the full moon, place your container of water in a location where it will be directly exposed to the moonlight. This could be outdoors on a windowsill, balcony, or garden, or indoors near a window where the moon's rays can reach it.

  5. Infuse with additional energy (optional): Enhance the energy of your full moon bath water by adding crystals, herbs, or flowers to the container before placing it outside. Choose ingredients that resonate with your intention and are safe for use in baths. For example, you might add rose quartz for love, lavender for relaxation, or chamomile for soothing energy.

  6. Leave to charge overnight: Allow your water to sit outside overnight, absorbing the potent energy of the full moon. The moon's vibrations will infuse the water, transforming it into a powerful elixir for your bath.

  7. Retrieve your bath water: In the morning, retrieve your container of water from its outdoor location. If you added any additional ingredients, you can strain them out or leave them in the water, depending on your preference.

  8. Prepare your bath: When you're ready to bathe, draw a warm bath and pour the full moon water into the tub. As you do so, visualize the water enveloping you in a shimmering cocoon of lunar energy, cleansing and revitalizing your body, mind, and spirit.

  9. Bathe with intention: Step into the bath and immerse yourself in the warm, moon-charged water. Close your eyes and connect with the energy of the full moon, allowing it to wash away any tension, stress, or negativity you may be carrying. Feel yourself being cleansed and renewed with each breath.

  10. Reflect and integrate: After your bath, take some time to reflect on your experience and the insights you gained during the ritual. Express gratitude to the moon for its blessings and the opportunity to connect with its energy. Carry the feeling of renewal and empowerment with you as you continue your journey.

Creating full moon bath water is a sacred and empowering ritual that allows you to harness the potent energy of the lunar cycle for healing, transformation, and self-care. By infusing your bath with the vibrational frequency of the full moon, you can elevate your bathing experience to a deeply spiritual and transformative practice. Soak in the magic of the moon and embrace the power of renewal as you immerse yourself in the luminous waters of the full moon bath.

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